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Nomination is open to Japanese citizens.

The Kazato Prize is awarded to promising young researchers who produced excellent scientific achievements in the field of research and development of electron microscopes and related instruments or research usin these instruments (medical science, biology, physics, chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, and others).

1.Regulations of Application

Application qualifications Open to researchers up to age 45 (as of the application deadline).
Researchers who have suspended their research activities due to life events such as childbirth or childcare may be considered for the upper age limit, so please consult with the secretariat.
Number of Prizes and additional prizes Prizes will be presented to up to 2 persons with an additional prize of 1,000,000 yen to individuals. To be determined based on the selection results by the Selection Committee.
Application deadline Must arrive by mid-October (every year).
Selection results Scheduled to notify applicants in early February (every year).
Award ceremony Scheduled to be held in early March (every year).
Prize lecture meeting Prize winners will be asked to give a lecture at the Kazato Prize Lecture Meeting in May.

2. Additional Prizes

Total of 2,000,000 yen

3. Required Documents

Applicants are requested to send the following materials by registered mail. (Application materials will not be returned.)

  1. Kazato Prize application form
  2. 9 reprints of each of the 3 most important papers.
    8 of the reprints can be copies (provide photos of the same quality as the original).

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Last Update: January 16, 2024

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