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<Travel Expense Grant Program for International Conferences>

Nomination is open to Japanese citizens and foreign scientists conducting research at Japanese research institutions.

The Travel Expense Grant Program for International Conferences is granted to young researchers who are engaged in research and development of electron microscopes and related instruments or research using theseinstruments (medical science, biology, physics, chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, and others).

1. Regulations of Application

Application qualifications Open to researchers up to age 40 (as of the application deadline) who provide presentations on one's studies at one of target international conferences. Applicants are preferable to be members of the Japanese Society of Microscopy. In addition, applicants are limited to those who travel from Japan to participate at the conference.
Amount of grants Total of 2,000,000 yen. Estimated actual travel expenses for a conference are supported with the upper limit of 300,000 yen for Asian region and of 500,000 yen for other regions. If the actual expenses are estimated to exceed the upper limit, please consult with the Secretariat.
Target international conferences Microscopy & Microanalysis
European Microscopy Congress
International EELS-Workshop
International Microscopy Congress
Asia-Pacific Microscopy Conference
Other international conferences are also taken into consideration, at which applicants provide presentations that actively contribute to development in the fields of electron microscopes and related instruments.
Application deadline Must arrive by the date 3 months before the opening date of the relevant target conference.
Selection results Scheduled to notify applicants 1 month after the application deadline.

2. Required Documents

Applicants are requested to send the following materials by registered mail. (Application materials will not be returned.)

  1. Travel Expense Grant Program for International Conferences application form
  2. 1 copy of the planned manuscript of the papers to be presented at the relevant target conference.
  3. Material describing the outline of the relevant international conference (stating the opening date, venue, etc.)

3. Recipients of this grant are asked to provide accounting reports (travel fees, accommodation fees, registration fee, etc.) by the specified period.

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Last Update: April 1, 2024

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